Scholarly - Global Lift Equipment Scholarship
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$500 Global Lift Equipment Scholarship


Due date
Jun 15, 2018



Short story requirements:
The story must be written from the viewpoint of an inanimate object. The inanimate object you choose must be found in the Used Equipment section here:

- The story must have at least 2 characters
- The main character must be the piece of used equipment chosen above
- You must write from a first person point of view, using the pronoun "I".
- You must include realistic details to accurately portray the machine's purpose, size, colour, and life span.
- The setting of the story can be anywhere you choose

The main objective of the story should be to write an entertaining, compelling read that is suitable for people of all ages. Stories with an interesting twist always make for fun reading.

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Country Valid answer(s): Canada, United States of America

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