Host and manage your scholarships all in one place.

Scholarly is the best solution for organizations to give away scholarships. Choose your questions and requirements, accept applications from eligible students, and manage applications to select a winner. All in one place.

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How does it work?


Create a scholarship

Scholarly makes it simple to create a scholarship. Collect any information from students including images, reference letters, and essays.


Collect applications

We'll only let students apply who meet all the requirements. In addition to students on our platform, you can also market the scholarship yourself for more applications.


Select a winner

Scholarly's management dashboard makes it easy to select a winner. Designate groups of applications to different administrators and easily compare applications.

What Scholarly can offer your organization.


More Students

Gain access to Scholarly's huge network of students; plus, gain the freedom of marketing your scholarship yourself.

Light Bulb

More Interest

Target students who are genuinely interested in your offerings and meet all your specified requirements.


More Traffic

Gain positive brand recognition and drive targeted traffic directly to your organization's site.