Scholarly - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scholarly?

Scholarly is the easiest way for students to apply for scholarships. After providing some basic info about yourself, we’ll instantly match you with scholarships that you can apply for directly through the site. Select a scholarship, fill out the required info, and click submit. That’s it. We’ll handle the hard stuff for you.

Do I actually have a chance of winning?

Yes! We always try to match you with scholarships that you have the best chance of winning. On top of that, for 4 bucks a month we’ll give you unlimited consulting! Just reach out to us through chat (bottom right of the screen), or send us an email at We’ll help you write an awesome essay, and (hopefully) take home the prize.

Will I actually be eligible for the scholarships?

Of course. It’s our goal at Scholarly to ensure that you only see scholarships you can actually apply for! As crazy as it sounds, we don’t want you to waste your time writing an application for an award you can’t actually apply for.

What countries does Scholarly support?

Scholarly is currently focusing on Canadian and American scholarships.

How much does Scholarly cost?

Scholarly costs 4 bucks a month for an individual license. We'll let you apply for up to 3 scholarships before upgrading. We're currently working with a number of schools to offer institutional licenses. We also offer the option to apply for a sponsorship if you require financial assistance.

How can I add my scholarship to Scholarly?

Please contact us to submit your scholarship for review, free of charge.

How can I increase the visibility of my scholarship?

Scholarly offers the ability to temporarily boost scholarship visibility. If your scholarship has no specific requirements, you can also choose to feature your scholarship on the front page for every student. Get in contact with us at for more details.